Spider Bench Row

Spider Bench Row

One version of the spider bench row that's available in most gyms has a foot platform and a small pad to support the upper torso. Other spider benches have a T-bar that can be plate-loaded. Whichever you choose for your bodybuilding workout, be sure to use the following workout technique :

  • Position your upper torso so that the top of the bench pad comes no higher than the bottom of your chest. This gives you a better lat stretch.

  • As you raise the barbell or T-bar, bring your arms as far back behind you as possible to fully contract your back. It's okay to raise your upper body off the pad a few inches and slightly arch your back for maximal contraction when doing the spider bench row workout.

  • Keep your head up. This will ensure that you don't round your back, a potentially dangerous thing, especially when fatigue starts to set in during the spider bench row workout.

  • Lower the weight until your arms are fully extended. Keep your shoulders stabilized, but be sure to give the lats a full stretch.

  • Don't bounce or jerk the weight. The movement is slow and controlled from start to finish.

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