Reverse Grip Row - EZ Bar

Reverse Grip Row - EZ Bar

The back is made up of so many muscles group that it takes several exercises to train and build all of them completely. But doing lots of exercises isn't enough. When doing rows and pull-downs, we must slightly arch the back and bring the elbows straight back behind you to get a maximal contraction. Forget using heavy weights until you can make each rep a maximally contracted rep! Perform these exercises to add slabs of back muscle.


Barbell rows have been around for years. However, it was six-time Mr. Olympia Dorian Yates popularized them - that reverse-grip barbell rows became the back builder of choice for many bodybuilders.

And for good reason: it works! In fact, many bodybuilders who reverse grip row with ez bar correctly claim that this exercise hits the outer lats from top to bottom. Dorian does them with a shoulder-width reverse grip. With legs slightly bent and upper torso at a 50-70 degree angle, he brings his elbows directly back behind him and pulls the barbell into his waist.

This is exactly how you should train, but with an EZ-bar. The EZ-bar will take the stress off the wrists and biceps. You will find the reverse grip row with EZ bar easier to do, and your ability to concentrate on the movement - and keep the back muscle slightly arched for maximal contraction .Go for 8-10 reps.

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