Reverse Hypers

Reverse Hypers

Creating a strong lower back muscle, which can often be the weakest link of the body, should be one of your top priorities in bodybuilding training . A strong lower back will help to prevent injury by allowing you to squat, press and deadlift more effectively

Deadlifts, both stiff-legged and regular, are probably the best way to develop a strong lower back. Reverse hypers are also very effective. Remember: As with all low-back exercises, be sure to warm up thoroughly and work up in weight gradually.

  • Place the barbell across your upper traps (as in squatting) and keep your feet shoulder-width apart and pointing forward when doing the reverse hypers workout.

  • With your knees nearly locked, lean forward at the waist in a slow and controlled manner until you form a 90-degree angle.

  • Keep your head up and in line with your back as you rise up. Concentrate; think low-back muscles as you contract the erectors.

  • Return to the fully upright position.

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