Back Muscle - Reverse Grip Pull Down

Back Muscle - Reverse Grip Pull Down

Reverse grip pull down is one of the most effective high to low lat exercises you can do. The most important point here is to pull your arms down and far behind you for a hard contraction. The fully extended arm position at the top also allows you to really stretch your lats. Follow these other tips:

  • The underhand grip - with your hands spaced about 6-8 inches apart - is what sets this reverse grip pull down movement apart. This subtle change provides significant results.

  • Compared to an overhand grip, the underhand grip will let you use heavier weight. After a good warm up, go as heavy as possible, but always use good form.

  • Keep your upper torso arched as you pull the bar down, but don't arch too much (this will take the work off the back and put more on the biceps).

  • Do the reverse grip pull down in a controlled motion. Too much momentum enables you to lift more weight and do a greater number of reps, but provides little muscle stimulation.

  • Think of peak contraction.

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