One Arm Seated Row

One Arm Seated Row

We believe you have done the seated cable row - it is a very effective exercise when train with both arms. This time, try one arm seated row which works on one arm at a time to isolate each side (you won't be able to use as much weight, so try just less than half of what your normally use). One key benefit: Working your arms independently forces each side of the muscle to do all the work; a stronger opposite lat can't overpower the weaker one. Then follow these steps:

  • Keep your knees slightly bent and slight arch in your lower back. Lean forward at the waist no more than about 10 degrees.

  • Place your nonworking hand on top of your thigh.

  • Don't shake your body as you complete the one arm seated row. Keep the form strict by facing forward throughout the range of motion.

  • Feel your lats stretch as you lower the weight, almost as if it's coming around to the side.

  • Complete your one arm seated row with one arm before working with the other arm.

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