One Arm Cable Rows

One Arm Cable Rows

One Arm Cable Rows : To develop the lower lats muscles. One arm cable rows is a good movement for tying in the lower lats to the waist.

1) Using a floor level pulley, take hold of a handle with one hand. If done standing, assume a balanced stance, the leg opposite the arm you will be using in the exercise forward, other leg back.

2) Begin with your arm fully extended in front of you; you may even want to twist your hand inward so that the thumb is lower than the little finger to create the fullest possible stretch when performing one arm cable rows.

3) Pull the handle back by your side as far as you can, twisting your hand outward so that the thumb ends up on the outside, feeling the back muscles contract.

4) Release and extend your arm and twist your wrist back to the starting position. Complete your repetitions, then repeat the one arm cable rows exercise using the other arm.

The secret to success when doing one arm cable rows is range of motion. When you pull the cable, bring your elbow as far back as possible - which is a lot farther than you can go doing regular cable rows. Also, as you release and lower the weight again, make sure you stretch your arm and lats muscles as far as possible.

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