Lower Lats Muscles

Lower Lats Muscles

When you see an Mr. Olympia contestants do a twisting back shot we can't help being impressed by the way their lower lats muscles sweep all the way down and insert into the waistline. This gives the lats muscles a terrifically aesthetic look.

To develop the lower lats muscles, you need to do your back exercises with a very narrow grip - close grip chins and close grip pulldowns, for example - as well as one arm cable rows and one arm dumbbell rows. It is also important to do stretches between sets, grabbing hold of something with one hand at a time and really pulling until you can feel the lower lats muscles almost down to the hip.

Well-developed lower lats muscles will also help you in rear back poses because they come down at an angle and form a kind of frame that shows off a well striated lower back.

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