Lat Width and Lower Lat Muscles Development

Lat Width and Lower Lats Muscles Development

Lat Width

The lats muscles are extremely important for both front and back poses during any bodybuilding competition. Jay Cutler and Ronnie Coleman have truly Olympian lats, and they look good no matter what pose they hit or what angle they are viewed from. The sweep and width of the lats muscle is accentuated by doing exercises that pull the lats muscles out to the side as far as possible. Wide-grip chins and wide-grip pulldowns are the primary lats exercises for achieving this.

Lower Lat Muscles Development

The sweep of the lats is less effective if the lats muscles do not extend all the way down to the waistline. Exercises to help you train the lower lats muscles include one-arm cable rows and close-grip movements such as close-grip chins and close-grip pulldowns.

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