Lat Machine Pulldowns

Lat Machine Pulldowns

Lat Machine Pulldowns : To widen the upper lats muscles

1) Using a long bar, grasp it with a wide, overhand grip and sit on the seat with your knees hooked under the support.

2) Pull the bar down smoothly until it touches the top of your chest, making the upper back do the work and not swaying back to involve the lower back when performing lat machine pulldowns.

3) Release, extend the arms again, and feel the lats fully stretch.

4) Try doing lat machines pulldowns behind the neck instead of in front.

Lat machines pulldowns exercise allows you to do chins with less than your total body weight, so you can do a lot of extra reps for the upper back if you feel you need more work in that area (but it should not replace chins as the standard exercise for widening the upper lats muscles).

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