End Back Pain

End Back Pain

How long can you use that excuse of your aching back muscle preventing you from developing your physiques? Maybe what you lack is a training program that allows you to work out while also reducing lower-back muscle stress. Here it is.

When low-back pain flares, one of the first body parts to get tossed is legs, probably because legs require relatively heavy weights and much of the pressure fails on the spine. But you can safely train your glutes and thighs.

Nearly 80% of the population experiences some form of back pain over their lifetimes. Common causes for back pain are pain stress, poor posture, weak abdominal muscles and poor bodybuilding form.

Most people with back pain never fully resume their normal activities because of the fear that they'll aggravate their conditions. That's a huge mistake, by the time the pain is gone and physical activity is resumed, the back is significantly weaker than it was before the strain - and more vulnerable to new injuries.

Exercise is the most frequently prescribed activity to reduce back pain over the long run. Since most low-back pain is preventable, proper form in stretching, squatting, weightlifting and exercising can help you safely train your legs and butt to prevent back pain. Stretching is an often overlooked but important components of a complete bodybuilding program because it can help ward off injuries and make your supporting muscles more pliable.

Do the following lower-body stretches and exercises, but be sure to maintain strict form and use light weights to get the feel for the movement. If you currently have lower back pain, or one body part is disproportionately stronger than another, do check with your physician first.

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