Develop Back Muscles

Develop Back Muscles

Middle Back Muscles Thickness

The middle back muscles receives the greatest amount of work when you extend the range of motion as far as possible. Therefore, seated rows done with separate handles, allowing you to bring your elbows farther back, put more stress on the middle back muscles. Rows done with a fairly wide grip or T-bar rows done on a machine allowing a wider grip create the same effect.

Lower Back Muscles Development

Many bodybuilders forget that the lower back muscles is an essential element in making any back shot really effective. Heavy deadlifts force the lower back muscles to work to the maximum. But you can also use exercises like Good Mornings and hyperextensions to isolate and develop the lower back muscles.

Overall Back Muscles Development

Remember that other muscle groups contribute to your back poses, especially straight on back shots like the rear double-biceps and rear lat spread. Therefore, you need to be concerned with muscles like the rear deltoids, the trapezius, and even the biceps and triceps. Everything ties in with everything else, and judges may watch you pose and give you low marks for the back muscles when in reality it was some other aspect of your muscles development that was at fault.

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