Close Grip T Bar Row

Close Grip T Bar Row

The back muscle is made up of so many muscles that it takes several exercises to train all of them completely. But doing a lots of exercises isn't enough. When doing rows and pull-downs, you must slightly arch the back and bring the elbows straight back behind you to get a maximum contraction. Forget using heavy weights until you can workout each rep to a maximal contracted rep! Sample these exercises to add slabs for back muscle.


Close Grip T-bar rows can be done with different types of grips: wide, to hit middle back muscle, and medium, to hit mid to outer lats . But if you really want to hit the outer lats - even the tie-ins next to the intercostals - then take a close grip t-bar row, a real close grip!

On the center bar, below where the T handle is connected, grip the bar with the left hand in front of the right. With legs slightly bent, bend over until your upper torso is about parallel with the floor. Pull the bar up until the plates touch your chest. Lower the bar completely; your arms should be fully extended at this point. Let the shoulders relax and you should gain another 2 inches of lat stretch. Change hand positions on each set. Do 8-12 reps.

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