Close Grip Chins

Close Grip Chins

Close Grip Chins : To develop the back muscles, widen the lower lats muscles, and develop the serratus

1) Take hold of the chinning bar (or close-grip triangle device found in many gyms) with your hands close together, one hand on either side of the bar when performing close grip chins. Hang below the bar.

2) Pull yourself up while leaning your head back slightly so that the chest touches (or nearly touches) your hands, lower the body slowly for a full stretch of the lats.

3) Work for the fullest range of motion for close grip chins workout.

Close grip chins exercise is great for widening and lengthening the appearance of the lats. It also develops the serratus anterior, those little fingers of muscle that lie under the outside of the pecs, which add so much to bodybuilding front poses such as double biceps pose or any other overhead pose.

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