Behind Neck Pull Down - Stirrup Bar

Behind Neck Pull Down - Stirrup Bar

The back is made up of so many muscles that it takes quite a number of exercise to train all of them completely. But doing lots of exercises for back muscle isn't enough. When doing rows and pull-downs, you must slightly arch the back and bring the elbows straight back behind you to get a maximal muscle contraction. Forget using heavy weights until you can make each rep a maximally contracted rep! Sample these exercises to add slabs of back muscle.


Pull downs are an excellent alternative to pull-ups for those who are not yet able to do eight or more reps per set. And it is the behind neck pull down which can be consider as one of the best middle and upper-back muscle's development exercise.

Let's go one step further and really make those middle and upper-back muscles work by using a stirrup bar, a neutral grip (palms facing each other), and slow, strict reps where you bring the bar down and touch the traps. Really squeeze the back muscles as you bring the bar down. Do 8-12 reps.

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