Back Muscles

Back Muscles

The latissimus dorsi, the large triangular muscles that extend from under the shoulders down to the small of the back on both sides. These are the largest muscles of the upper body.

Latissimus dorsi function : Pull the shoulders downward and to the back.

The spinal erectors, several muscles in the lower back that guard the nerve channels and help keep the spine erect. They are also the slowest muscles in the body to recuperate from heavy exercise.

Spinal erectors function : Hold the spine erect.

The trapezius, the flat, triangular muscle that extends out and down from the neck and down between the shoulder blades, is included in the shoulder section.

Developing a broad, thick, and massive back is absolutely necessary in the creation of a quality bodybuilding physique. Strong back muscles are essential for lifting and carrying heavy weight, and a highly muscular back has always been considered the measure of a man's strength.

When a bodybuilding judge looks at a competitor's back, there are three things he is especially interested in: 1) the thickness and muscularity of the upper back; 2) the sweep and width of the lats; and 3) the definition and development of the lower back and lower lats.

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