Back Muscles - Weak Point Training

Back Muscles - Weak Point Training

The most common problem of today's competition bodybuilders is incomplete back muscles development. One reason for this may simply be that they do not get to study their backs as clearly as they can a front view, and so are not as motivated to train their backs as diligently as their chests or arms. One other reason, however, is poor back muscle training technique. Back training is more subtle and more difficult than most people realize. The basic function of the lats and other back muscles is to pull the shoulder girdle down and back. Many bodybuilders don't understand this and get confused as to which muscles they are supposed to be using. If they lurch back during the exercises and use the lower back muscles or shoulders themselves, then the back muscles never get to work through a full range of motion.

Early in life you learned to coordinate your muscular efforts to make lifting easier. You learned to bend your knees when lifting something, to take as much strain as possible off the back muscles and distribute it more evenly to allow adjacent muscles to help. This is the opposite of what you try to achieve as a bodybuilder. The trick to effective back muscles training is to learn to isolate the various areas of the back, then make it harder on each individual area of the back muscles instead of easier.

We have watched bodybuilders do bent-over rows with an impossible amount of weight, so that they had to heave the bar into the air using every muscle in the body. This kind of cheating will never build a quality back. When doing seated rows, many bodybuilders add weight to the stack, as if lifting heavy weights is all that matters and then sway way back, using too much lower back, in an effort to finish off the movement.

Also, many bodybuilders allow the biceps to do too much pulling when they are doing pulldown or rowing exercises, which results in some powerful arm development but doesn't do much for the back muscles. They need to concentrate on using the arms simply as a link between the back muscles and the bar or handle, and not as a primary means of lifting the weight.

But even if you learn absolutely correct back muscles training technique, the back muscles consists of a number of complex and interrelated muscles and they do not necessarily all develop at the same rate in all individuals. As you become more advanced in bodybuilding and you begin to see which areas of the back muscles have responded more quickly than others, you will want to alter your program to include more work for the muscles that are lagging behind. 

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