Back Muscles - Stretching and Flexing

Back Muscles - Stretching and Flexing

We are a firm believer in flexing, stretching and posing the muscles between each set. This is especially true for the back muscles. You have to keep posing, stretching and flexing your back muscles in order to gain full control over the muscles needed to show it off effectively in bodybuilding competition. Continually stretching the back muscles also helps achieve that long sweep and low tie-in at the waistline that make the champions backs so impressive.

Flex the back muscles or hit poses like a back double biceps shot between sets of rows and pullovers. If you pose while your training partner is doing this set, you will keep the back muscles pumped and warm and ready to really hit the next set.

When you are training lats muscles with chins and pulldowns, between sets grab hold of something solid and really stretch them out one at a time, or both at once. Also, all the serratus exercises can be used to stretch the lats muscles. This lengthens the lats muscles, helps you get a fuller range of motion and a deeper contraction, and develops the lower area of the lats muscles as they extend down to the waist.

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