Back Muscle Functions

Back Muscle Functions

The back muscles have two basic functions as far as bodybuilding is concerned. They pull the shoulder back (a rowing motion) and pull the shoulders down (a pulldown or chinning motion). A common mistake when doing back muscle workout is to use too much biceps effort and not enough back, or to involve the muscles of the lower back in a swaying motion instead of making the lats do most of the work. You have to make an effort when training back muscles to isolate them so that only these muscles are involved in the movement.

The lower back muscles function differently from most other muscles in the body. They are stabilizers, holding the body steady rather than constantly contracting and relaxing through a full range of motion like, say, the biceps. Therefore, when you do full range exercises like Hyperextensions or straight leg deadlifts you put so much strain on the lower back muscle that it can take up to a week to fully recuperate. This means that total effort lower back training using power exercises and maximum weights is necessary only once a week. On the other days, do your sets with nonpower exercises and less than maximum poundage. 

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