Serratus and Intercostals Muscle

Serratus and Intercostals Muscle

Serratus and intercostals muscle, located at the side of the upper torso, are crowd pleasers as the abdominals are. When you do a pose such as the Arms Overhead Abdominals and Thighs, and work the torso side to side to show definition in serratus and intercostals muscle, it can really add to the impression you make on the judges and spectator.

Again, serratus and intercostals muscle worked with a kind of crunching movement, only this involves squeezing the shoulder and elbow down and in, and bending the torso to the side. Try this and you will see how easy it is to feel the serratus and intercostals muscles flexing in its area. These are also muscles that become developed as a result of your overall serratus and intercostals muscle training program, but you can do specific definition training for serratus and intercostals by adding a twist to various crunches as you perform them.

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