Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches

Reverse Crunches : Develop lower abs muscle

1) Reverse crunches is best done lying on a Bench Press bench that has a rack at one end.

2) Lie on your back on the bench and reach up behind you to hold the rack for support.

3) Bend your knees and bring them up as far toward your face as you can without lifting your pelvis off the bench.
4) From the starting position of reverse crunches, bring your knees up as close to your face as you can, rounding your back, with the glutes coming up off the bench and crunching up toward the rib cage.

5) Hold for a moment at the top and deliberately squeeze the abs muscles for full contraction.

6) Slowly lower your knees until your rear end comes to rest on the bench again.

7) Again, do the reverse crunches workout deliberately and under control rather than doing a lot of quick reps.

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