Abs Muscle - Train the Weak Point

Abs Muscle - Train the Weak Point

It is just as possible to train the weak point in your abs muscle as in any other muscle group. Although most abdominal exercises tend to work several areas of the torso at the same time, certain abs workout are best for each specific area, such as upper or lower abs, obliques or serratus and intercostals. However, be aware that the lack of visual development of the abs is frequently caused by :

  • not enough dieting, so there is a layer of fat over the abs muscle

  • not enough isolation, full range of motion, quality training

You don't train abs for quality by contracting them against heavy resistance, by doing hip flexor rather than abdominal exercises, or with fast, short choppy movements. The best abs muscle training involves slow, controlled, full range of motion exercises, and holding at the point of full contraction to achieve a full peak contraction.

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