Abs Muscle - Competition Program

Abs Muscle - Competition Program

When you are getting ready for your bodybuilding competition, your aim should be to sculpt and define your total abdominal (abs) muscle rather than to build more size and strength. To intensify your abs workout, begin with 10 minutes of Roman Chairs, we always got good results starting out with Roman Chairs. Roman Chairs help to get you warmed up and are a continuous tension exercise that keeps the abdominals (abs) muscle working for the entire period.

To develop abdominals (abs) muscle that will really impress the contest judges during a bodybuilding competition, you have to do exercises for the upper and lower abs muscle, the obliques, serratus and intercostals, as well as develop the lower back doing Hyper Extensions and other exercises for this area from the back training program. You should demand enormous effort from abdominal (abs) muscle in order to totally blast them into submission. Keep going, never stop for a second, and you will get the abs muscle you desired for your bodybuilding competition.

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