Abdominals Muscle is Important for Bodybuilder

Abdominals Muscle is Important for Bodybuilder

Strong abdominals muscle are essential to maximizing performance in almost all sports. In bodybuilding, the abdominals muscle play an extremely important role when it comes to the visible impression your physique makes on an observer. The abs muscle are, in fact, the visual center of the body. If you superimpose an X on the body with the terminal points being the shoulders and the feet, the two lines cross at the abdominals, and this is where the eyes are inevitably drawn. Men carry a disproportionate number of fat cells in the abdominal area compared to women (who can often be relatively fat and still have abs showing), so well-defined abs are one sign of being in top condition - lean, hard and strong.

A bodybuilder is likely to score points in a contest if he has wide shoulders and flaring lats that taper down to a firm, narrow waist. A small waist tends to make both your chest and your thighs appear larger, more impressive and more aesthetic.

The traditional V-shaped torso is as important as sheer mass when it comes to creating a quality, championship physique. We have often seen bodybuilding contests in which good bodybuilders came in a few pounds overweight in order to appear bigger but found the extra weight they were carrying at the waist spoiled the visual effect. In modern bodybuilding every would-be champion, no matter his body type, has to have well-developed abs muscle in order to be competitive.

Lack of abdominal development, or failure to display the abdominals muscle properly, can be very costly for a bodybuilder during his/her bodybuilding competition. Bodybuilding has become so competitive that there is no longer any such thing as a champion bodybuilder without an excellent abs at almost any level of competition.

Nowadays, the bigger men in the sport often have problems because their abdominals muscle have become too massive, and they get too thick in the middle and at the sides of their torso. Often this happens as a result of doing very heavy exercises like squads, for example, that call for a lot of involvement on the part of the abdominals and the obliques as stabilizers. Because of this, you almost never see these bodybuilders using weights to train their abs or their oblique. But the fact that you put so much stress on the muscles of the waist whenever you train heavy means that no bodybuilder - even the smaller ones - needs to train abs using any kind of extra resistance (though many will just before a contest). Of course, there are some abdominal exercises that involve more effort because more of your body weight is involved.

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