ZMA Benefits : - Muscle Growth, Strength Gain, Increased Muscle Recovery, Better Skin Healing Power

ZMA is a unique patent-pending anabolic mineral support formula containing zinc-l-monomethionine, covalently bound zinc/magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6. It is designed to optimize absorption and availability of zinc and magnesium during peak times of muscle growth and repair.

ZMA has been clinically proven to provide nutritional support for healthy levels of total and free testosterone in active individuals. This equals to an anabolic environment that results in a higher muscle growth rate, as well as a decrease in recovery time between exercise sessions. It also increases strength and power in athletes. Since ZMA is not a pro-hormone or a hormone precursor, it does not adversely affect blood hormone levels. Rather, it naturally supports the body's own anabolic hormone levels.

Zinc and magnesium can be found in food sources such as oysters, wheat germ and beef liver. Taking ZMA supplementation as directed (usually before bedtime) can significantly increase muscle growth and strength in individuals.


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