Why Bodybuilders Needs Carbohydrate Supplements

Why Bodybuilders Needs Carbohydrate Supplements

Intense bodybuilding training creates a demand in the bodybuilders body for glycogen (carbohydrate) supplements as well as for amino acids. It is important to have enough carbohydrates supplements in your system after your bodybuilding training because otherwise the body may start to use amino acids for energy instead. The "window" for carbohydrate replenishment, the period during which the body is in very high demand for this nutrient - is much shorter than it is for protein. In fact, your best results occur when you are able to get the necessary carbohydrates supplements into your body within 20 minutes of finishing your bodybuilding training.

This need for immediate glycogen replacement is why many bodybuilders use a carbohydrate supplement after workouts as well as a protein supplement. This is especially valuable if you follow up weight training with a session of cardiovascular training. If you try to work on a treadmill, stepper, or exercise bike too soon after your workout, and your body is carbohydrate-deprived, you will find yourself lacking in energy and you can be sure your body is metabolizing more amino acids to supply energy than would otherwise be necessary.

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