Shark Cartilage

Shark Cartilage

What is Shark Cartilage

Sharks have long been known for their health resistance to disease and remarkable wound-healing abilities. These unique qualities have been attributed to a protein / carbohydrate complex called gylcosaminoglycans, found in the shark's skeleton which unlike other vertebrates it is composed entirely of cartilage protein and makes up 6-8% of the shark's total weight. A special carbohydrate, known as mucopolysaccharides, is attached to the cartilage giving the shark great strength flexibility and resistance.

Why is Shark Cartilage helpful

Shark cartilage has been the subject of worldwide research for years. Today, studies are focusing on the role mucopolysaccharides and glycosaminoglycans play as powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Exciting research also indicates shark cartilage to be up to 1000 times more potent than other cartilage as a possible inhibitor for delivering blood to expanding organs and other body tissue. However, in adults angiogenesis can cause problems like diabetic retinopathy, a leading cause of blindness, arthritis and cancer, one of the most life-threatening circumstances dependent on new blood vessels.

Added Benefits of Shark Cartilage

Aside from its reported tumor-inhibiting ability, other research indicate shark cartilage may be helpful for those suffering from psoriasis, eczema, severe acne, macular degeneration and arthritis. Shark Cartilage is an excellent source of Calcium and Phosphorus and contains an array of Amino Acids. In addition to high contents of Glycosaminoglycans and Mucopoly-saccharides, each shark cartilage capsule supplies a 50-60% Collagen Protein, a major factor in cellular renewal. For purity and blood potency, look for shark cartilage products in capsules which contain no added fullers and are not chemically-processed.

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