Pyruvate Benefits : - Increased Metabolism, Fat Loss

Pyruvate, also known as pyruvic acid, is a three-carbon compound that is generated as an end product of our body's metabolism of sugar and starch. It is also a primary compound of the Kreb's Cycle (the cycle of chemical and enzyme actions that create energy in our bodies).

In conjunction with a low-fat diet, pyruvate has shown to be able to offer a few benefits when it comes to fat loss. Firstly, it increases the amount of energy the mitochondria in human cells use, thus increasing a person's basal metabolic rate. More calories burned per minute equate to a faster rate of fat loss. It also helps to inhibit fat production in the body, which means less of it is stored as body-fat. Pyruvate also contains appetite suppressing properties, which prevent hunger pangs during periods of lowered-caloric food intake.

Pyruvate can be found in several foods, such as red apples, cheese, dark beer and red wine.


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