Protein Utilization

Protein Utilization

Following is a protein utilization chart that shows on the left what percentage protein makes up of various foods commonly used as protein sources and on the right what percentage of that protein our body is actually able to use for building muscle:

Food                    % Protein by Weight               % Net Protein Utilization

Eggs                               12                                        94

Milk                                  4                                        82

Fish                                 18-25                                   80

Cheese                             22-36                                   70

Brown Rice                        8                                          70

Meat and fowl                    19-31                                   68

Soybean flour                     42                                        61

(Whey, a milk derivative, which is a refined product, has even more net protein than eggs)

An egg contains only 12% protein by weight. Due to its specific balance of amino acids present in that protein, 94% of it can be used by our body. In contrast, 42 percent of soybean flour is protein, but the makeup of that protein is such that your body is able to use only 61% of it. There is a big difference between how much protein a food contains and how much of that protein we can actually use to build muscle.

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