Protein Rating

Protein Rating

Eggs are such a good source of quality protein that they are used as a basis of comparison in rating the protein quality of other foods, with eggs given an arbitrary value of a "perfect" 100.

Food                           Protein Rating

Eggs (whole)                  100

Fish                               70

Lean Beef                       69

Cow's Milk                       60

Brown Rice                      57

White Rice                       56

Soybeans                        47

Whole-grain wheat            44

Peanuts                          43

Dry Beans                        34

White Potato                    34

It is a trend to eat only egg whites nowadays because of yolk contains some fat and cholesterol and the white does not. However, the yolk actually contains as much protein as the egg white, as well as the majority of the vitamins and minerals. If you feel the need to limit the fat and cholesterol in your diet, do so by eliminating other foods, not by throwing away what is in many ways the best part of the egg.

Foods like rice, potatoes and beans give you considerably less usable protein than eggs or fish. The reason is they have some, but too few, of the essential amino acids that are required for complete protein. You can combine, two or more sources of this low quality (incomplete) protein to obtain high quality, complete protein. That is, one food lacks certain aminos that are supplied by the other food, so in combination they give you what you need. Having incomplete protein is like trying to play a baseball game with eighteen players, five of whom are pitchers and three catchers. It doesn't matter that there are eighteen players because the two teams are incomplete.

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