Milk Thistle

Milk Thistle  

Milk Thistle - Quality liver protector for new age people.

Milk Thistle : the well known protective agent of liver for modern people. Milk thistle which has been circulated in Europe for years, has been effective in preserving the liver. Since a few years ago, it has become well known in England, America and Germany for its efficiency to cure liver and gall disease.

Medical professionals view milk thistle as a natural source that can cure liver and gall diseases. The active substance of milk thistle is Silymarin.

From the findings of clinical trials, the most important function of milk thistle is to protect liver and gall and as a cure for other liver disease (example: liver sclerosis, hepatitis and fatty liver) due to its powerful antioxidation properties.

The antioxidant properties protect the liver cells from being destructed by free radicals and excessive oxidation. It also inhibits oxidation of lipid / fat. Currently, many clinical trials have proved the efficacy of Silymarin in preventing and curing liver diseases and its reliability. Thus, it has been the best medicine for long-term liver treatment.


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