Lean Mass Gainers

Lean Mass Gainers

Lean Mass Gainers consists of formula with modest level of carbohydrate and protein which is also accompanied with lower calories and fat. Lean Mass Gainers is formulated for athletes or bodybuilder looking to maximize lean muscle mass or those who require more nutrients to support higher level of activity.

Lean Mass Gainers is an anti-catabolic formula with carbohydrate-protein mixture designed to increase lean body mass without increasing fat mass.

Special features of Lean Mass Gainers

Lower Calories

Lean Mass Gainers calories are primarily derived from complex carbohydrate and protein. In the process of accumulating muscle mass, both protein and carbohydrate are important to provide energy and building blocks for anabolic processes.

Moderate Protein

Some of the new improved Lean Mass Gainers formula may also add in essential micronutrients such as vitamins and minerals to keep the body staying healthy and stronger. The anabolic agents such as creatine, BCAA, glutamine, taurine ...etc are essential for optimal muscle building by increasing protein synthesis and minimizing muscle breakdown, which is specially useful for hard trainer.

Lean mass gainers may help:

  • Gain muscle size
  • Increase muscle strength
  • Aid post-workout recovery

When to use Lean Mass Gainers

Lean Mass Gainers supplement can be used right after workout where the body needs protein and carbohydrates the most, in between meals or before going to bed, or as directed by fitness consultant.

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