L-Leucine Intake Stimulates Muscle Growth

L-Leucine Intake Stimulates Muscle Growth

L-leucine intake stimulates muscle growth

Leucine is a branch chain amino acid that is tremendously important to strength athletes such as bodybuilder. Leucine plays a key role in igniting the transcription pathways that accelerate protein synthesis rates in muscle growth.

An abundant supply of leucine delivered to muscle after workout would enhance the stimulation of protein synthesis from intense weight lifting. Higher protein synthesis rates in muscle promote more efficient recovery at the cellular level and greater synthesis of contractile proteins to speed your bodybuilding results.

The trick is to use supplements that are high in bio-available leucine. Whey isolate contains one of the highest doses of leucine found in any food or supplement. Regular servings of whey isolate throughout the day should maintain a high levels of leucine in your blood.  

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