Glutamine Benefits : - Muscle Growth, Strength Gain, Increased Muscle Recovery,

                              Anti-Catabolic (prevent muscle tissue from being broken down to produce energy)

Glutamine is the most abundant amino acid in the human body. Like other amino acids, glutamine plays a vital role in protein metabolism and muscle recovery by increasing protein synthesis and reducing muscle breakdown. The higher the amount of glutamine in muscle cells, the greater the rate of cell-production. Glutamine is not only utilized by muscle tissue, but also in large quantities by the immune system and by the digestive system as well. However, strenuous exercise can deplete glutamine levels in the human body faster than what we are able to reproduce. This leads to decreased gains in protein synthesis and a lower muscle growth rate.

Glutamine supplementation provides the body with ample amounts of this very important amino acid. Not only does glutamine prevent muscle breakdown, it also creates the proper environment for the body to produce more muscle cells. It shuttles in more fluids into the cells (a process called - cell volumizing), which acts as a powerful, anabolic signal for the body to build more proteins.

In short, glutamine is an often-ignored but essential supplement to aid in size and strength gains. It places the body in an optimum state for muscle growth, as well as protects the precious muscles that we have worked so hard for from being torn down for energy.


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