Glutamine Load After Intense Cardio Exercise

Glutamine Load After Intense Cardio Exercise

Glutamine load after intense cardio exercise

Don't let anyone tell you that performing cardio exercise to get lean means muscle loss. The correct supplement strategy can enhance muscle growth during cardio exercise. Yes, it's true; you can improve muscle size while performing cardio exercise. The cornerstone of obtaining a powerful anabolic effect from cardio training is the amino acid glutamine.

The amount of glutamine contained within muscle determines protein synthesis rates and maintenance of a positive nitrogen balance (synonymous with muscle growth). Glutamine is the most potent substrate at increasing muscle cell volume - a potent stimulator of muscle anabolism. glutamine supplementation increases muscle glycogen resynthesis after exercise.

Remember strategy number 1 - more carbs after training means better growth. Glutamine is shown to enhance the muscle glycogen loading effect. When glutamine is taken after training, glycogen levels within the entire body increase.

Supplementation with pure, free-form glutamine enters the blood stream and gets delivered to muscle. However, as 65% of the glutamine supplement is taken up by the gut, the dosage needed to get to muscle needs to be high. To obtain an anabolic effect from cardio exercise, we recommend bodybuilders take 10-grams twice in the hours immediately after training, along with their regular meals.

After exercise, this strategy will elevate blood glutamine levels to stimulate uptake by hungry muscles. In turn this will promote a powerful glycogen synthesizing and cell volumizing effect. Provided your nutritional intake after training is of high quality, there is no reason why you should not experience a significant anabolic effect from cardio training, an effect that will be noticeable over a period of time. You will become bigger and leaner as your D-day approaches, not smaller and weaker.

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