Dangers of Catabolism

Dangers of Catabolism  

To reach your genetic potential, you should consider two things: anabolism and catabolism.

Anabolism is only part of the picture, the catabolism is what happens after your workouts and, maybe even more important, between workouts. Do you feel that you lose size over the weekends? Yet if you work out on the weekends, you over train. So what's the answer ?

Let's go back to nature again. When bears hibernate, they recycle amino acids with almost 100% efficiency. They live off stored fat and retain most of their muscle tissue even during their four-month sleep. Imagine what would happen to your muscle size if you took a four-moth layoff ! And why is it that you lose more muscle when you go through some kind of medical emergency requiring surgery than when you're just lying around? The answer is catabolism. With just a little trauma, muscle size goes down the tubes. the worse the trauma, the greater the theft.

If we want to maintain our size like the bull and bear do, we've got to increase our anabolism and reduce our catabolism naturally.


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