Creatine - A Better Way to Use

Creatine - A Better Way to Use

A better way to use creatine

No doubt creatine is the most powerful anabolic supplement available for bodybuilder. However, getting creatine into the muscle in large amounts is the key to dramatic strength and muscle mass gains. To maximize uptake of creatine into muscle we believe a precise supplementation strategy should be followed.

We have a simple strategy that produces mind-blowing results. Remember that in order to get maximum uptake into muscle, blood creatine levels need to be high for only a few days. Achieve this with frequent doses (5 to 10 grams, four to six times a day) for only three days. Then cease creatine supplementation for the next 4 days. This strategy will ensure increased muscle creatine concentrations while preventing creatine receptor down regulation.

This short loading phase will maintain a high number of creatine transporters on muscle cells, four days without creatine should be just enough to re-sensitize these transporters and keep muscle creatine stores at their peak.

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