Comparison Between Different Types of Sports Drinks

Comparison Between Different Types of Sports Drinks

Different carbohydrate foods have different effects on blood glucose levels. Advances in research have shown that a sports drink with 5-10% carbohydrate concentration in the form of either glucose, glucose polymer or a mixture of the two with fructose and the addition of electrolytes, in particular sodium, is well tolerated by most athletes. It is now well proven that carbohydrate intake during exercise is beneficial in supplying fuel when muscle glycogen levels are low. The sodium added to sports drinks plays two roles -  it assists in fluid absorption and replaces sodium lost in endurance exercise. One of the benefits of sports drinks often overlooked is that most athletes are prepared to drink greater quantities of a flavored beverage than plain water: the great variety available today is testimony to this.

Comparison Between Internationally Available Commercial Sports Drinks

Drink Carbohydrate (%=g/100ml) Electrolytes (mmol/l)
Body Fuel 750 (USA) 7.5% - glucose polymer, fructose Sodium  12       Potassium 2
Exceed (USA) 7% - glucose polymer, fructose Sodium  10       Potassium 5
Gatorade (USA) 6% - sucrose, glucose Sodium  23       Potassium 3
Isosport (Australia) 7% - glucose polymer, sucrose, fructose Sodium  20       Potassium 5
Isostar (Europe) 7.5% - sucrose, glucose polymer Sodium  24       Potassium 4
Replace (New Zealand) 8% - glucose, fructose, glucose polymer Sodium  10       Potassium 5
Sport Plus (Australia) 7% - sucrose, glucose Sodium  17       Potassium 7.5
Staminade (Australia) 4% - glucose Sodium  10       Potassium 5
Suntory (Japan) 6.5% - sucrose, glucose Sodium  12       Potassium 5
100 Plus (Singapore) 7% - sucrose, glucose Sodium  21       Potassium 4

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