Combining Incomplete Protein

Combining Incomplete Protein

Combining incomplete protein is useful because it involves eating foods that are low in fat, and thus contain fewer calories than many common complete protein sources. When you are trying to build maximum muscle mass with as little body fat as possible, this proves to be a great advantage. (You can also get protein without fat by using protein supplements).

Since each of the sources of incomplete protein lacks certain essential amino acids, you need to be very specific in your food combinations in order to end up with complete protein. The following combinations are recommended. [Source:In Diet for a Small Planet by Frances Moore Lappé (Ballantine Books, 1974]

Grains plus Seeds

     Breads with added seed meals

     Breads with sesame or sunflower seed spread

     Rice with sesame seeds

Grains plus Milk Products

     Cereal with milk (now you know why this is an often recommended breakfast food!)

     Pasta with milk or cheese

     Bread with milk or cheese

Grains plus Legumes

     Rice and beans

     Wheat bread and baked beans

     Corn soy or wheat soy bread

     Legume soup with bread

Remember the food groups as listed above, which will helps to prevent incomplete protein in your diets plan. This will helps to maximize the usable protein intake for building muscle.

Again, all the knowledge about the nature of protein and what foods to eat in order to get protein means little if you don't know how much protein you are suppose to eat.

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