Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10

You will find coenzyme q10 almost anywhere in the body. No wonder coenzyme q10 scientific nickname is ubiquinone, for it is present ubiquitously. Coenzyme q10 is usually made inside our bodies but its effectiveness wanes after the age of 40. Coenzyme q10 is involved in energy production and it is an antioxidant. Some people prefer to think of it as a biological spark plug, supercharging the cells.

Coenzyme q10 is increasingly used to protect immunity, to prevent brain damage and to improve heart or muscle weakness. Recently coenzyme q10 has also been used in order to improve age-related damage to the gums.

Good sources are sardines, mackerel and other oil fish, soy beans, nuts (particularly almonds and walnuts) and spinach. Coenzyme q10 may also be taken in tablet form.

Used together with vitamin E, coenzyme q10 has been proven very popular as a general anti-aging supplement. Women who tried this combination have claim that it makes them feel sexually excited, particularly over the clitoris area. Don't ask us why this happens !

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