Carbohydrates Boost Muscle Growth

Carbohydrates Boost Muscle Growth

If you've hit a plateau or you're not getting the results you'd like from your training, take a close look at these simple strategies. They have shown to boost muscle mass gains.

Carbohydrates boost muscle growth

Do more carbs after training really mean fast muscle growth? You bet. intense resistance training depletes muscle cells of valuable glycogen. A shot term bout of intense exercise followed by a high intake of carbohydrates produces a super-compensatory effect. The end result being super-high muscle glycogen stores. This is a powerful mechanism that triggers cell anabolism that leads to dramatic size increases.

Due to their fear of carbohydrates, most bodybuilders don't get enough carbs to support intense training. The result is a carb-depleted athlete all year long and mediocre results from training. Introducing the right carbs at the right time will provide you with an incredible "fullness" in your muscles that transfers into tremendous strength improvements.

To enhance the effects of weight training, bodybuilders should aim for at least 1-gram of carbohydrates per kilogram of bodyweight within the first couple of meals after training. For an 80kg bodybuilder this could mean one serving of bodybuilding supplement immediately after training, followed soon after by 40 or 50 grams of carbs from white rice or potato. If you have a difficult time building muscle, then you may want to double this does on your tough workout days.

This timing strategy will not impede the fat loss process but it will amplify your results from training. Follow this process along with the other strategies we've outlined and your muscles will literally explode!

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