Bodybuilding Supplements

Bodybuilding Supplements

The right bodybuilding supplements - when taken at the right times and in the right amounts - can help you attain your bodybuilding goals by doing 3 things: increasing your anabolic drive, improving your workload capacity, and decreasing your recovery time.

Anabolic Drive. By "anabolic" we mean your body's ability to produce more muscle tissue. Anabolic drive involves the natural production of testosterone, growth hormone (GH), insulin like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), insulin, thyroid, cortisol and other hormones and growth factors involved in muscle growth. For athletes, it refers to the body's ability to increase its anabolic (or muscle-producing) response to exercise, nutrition, supplements and other factors.

In the case of supplements, those targeted toward increasing the production of testosterone, growth hormone and insulin, and decreasing cortisol, will result in both anabolic and anticatabolic effects and will maximize anabolic drive.

Workload Capacity. Endurance or workload capacity involves your ability to maintain high-quality bodybuilding training throughout a workout. If your capacity is limited and you don't have the energy, endurance or concentration necessary to train hard from the beginning of your bodybuilding workout to the end, it won't matter how well you manage the other components of the model. Your diet may be excellent. You may even be training properly six days a week, but if you don't have the overall energy and muscle endurance for a productive workout, you aren't going to experience maximal progress or muscle growth.

Recovery. This involves your ability to recover properly between sets as well as workouts. The goal is to ensure that the body recovers fully from the stimulus of exercise and to reduce the amount of time necessary for it to take place. Recovery is critical to muscle growth; your body must recuperate from the catabolic process before productive protein synthesis can occur. The sooner you recover from a bodybuilding workout, the sooner your body can begin to respond to it and adapt by adding muscle.

When you don't recover from your bodybuilding workouts, you can go into a state of chronic overtraining. You'll actually begin to lose muscle instead of gaining it. In the gym, you will find yourself lacking the energy to do further sets at maximum ability. Even if you do retain the energy to get through a workout without loosing effort, your body still won't respond with the kind of adaptation you want: gain more muscle.

Certain supplements can have a strong effect on lowering recovery time and increasing muscle growth. Bodybuilding supplements targeting recovery can also help you handle additional stress in your training. If you want to extend workouts from four to six days a week, supplements can help you accelerate recovery to make those workouts productive. Similarly, if you're training for another sport in addition to bodybuilding, supplements might spell the difference between being able to train for both effectively and having the dual training sabotage your progress in both areas.

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