Blood Amino Acid Levels Control

Muscle Protein Synthesis

Blood Amino Acid Levels Control Muscle Protein Synthesis

Blood amino acid levels control muscle protein synthesis

For bodybuilders, one of the most important revelations in exercise biochemistry for the last 50-years is the confirmation that blood amino acid concentrations control muscle growth. A high protein intake maintains a high level of essential amino acids circulating in the blood. This is the key to stimulating muscle protein synthesis rates. When blood amino acid levels drop, muscle protein synthesis rates diminish. Research show that this powerful anabolic effect is not achieved with "normal" dietary protein intakes. A high protein intake is essential for maximizing the anabolic effect of resistance training.

The best way to maintain high blood amino acid levels in the blood is to combine protein sources that possess different absorption rates. The simplest way to do this is to combine whole food proteins with meal replacement supplement whey protein.

Each protein source possess different absorption rates that govern the entry of amino acids into the blood stream. Whole foods allow amino acids to "trickle" into the blood stream. However, whole-food proteins are essential to the muscle growth process as they help stabilize blood sugar levels to ensure the protein in your supplements is directed towards muscle protein synthesis and not energy production.

Therefore, always try to combine your supplements with a high intake of whole-food protein sources like tuna, beef, chicken and eggs. Try to consume a fast and slow protein source at nearly every meal to maintain a high level of growth promoting amino acids in the blood stream at all times.

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