Antioxidants Benefits : - Muscle Recovery, Supports Immune Function, Less Bruising, Better Circulatory Health

Free radicals are by-products of cellular activities that can damage other cells or cause stress on the human body. This is especially true for athletes and physically active people. When we exercise, the amount of free radicals produced by our cells is very high. These free radicals attack other cells in our bodies and can cause fatigue, stress and other damaging effects, which not only impair our performance and recovery rate but also weaken the immune system.

Antioxidants, in the form vitamin C, E, beta-carotene, selenium and glutathione are also very effective in countering the effects of free radicals.

Pycnogenol, a patented natural plant extract from the bark of the French Maritime Pine tree, is another powerful form of antioxidant. It works by binding itself to collagen fibres in the body, thus improving the elasticity and integrity of your body's connective tissues. Not only does it protect your body from environmental stresses, but it works as an anti-inflammatory agent as well. Pycnogenol provides wide range of health benefits, or which include the strengthening of blood vessels, overcoming inflammation, and improving joint flexibility. In this, it keeps the circulatory system fit and reduce the risks of circulatory and cardiovascular diseases. The fact that it maintains skin health comes as a welcome bonus.

A good antioxidant formula is an essential part of every active person's nutritional arsenal. Although it does not boast of any sensational athletic gains, it helps that the individual perform at his optimum level by preventing the negative effects of exercise.


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