Anticortisol Supplements

Anticortisol Supplements

Any types of stress - including high level exercise, physical or emotional trauma, infections and surgery - translates into hypothalamic and pituitary changes that result in increased cortisol secretion, which decreases amino acid transport and protein synthesis, and increases muscle breakdown.

Exercise itself, while increasing cortisol, has compensatory anticatabolic effects. Well-conditioned athletes show less cortisol secretion during exercise compared to their out-of-shape peers. One measure of overtraining is the testosterone/ cortisol ratio: Elevated cortisol in relation to testosterone is considered indicative of overtraining. If you train properly, your testosterone will rise while cortisol remains stable. For example, the high-fat, high-protein, low-carbohydrate phase of our anabolic diet may decrease muscle breakdown seconday to cortisol.

Anticortisol supplements such as Vitamin C has been shown to have some anticatabolic effects that likely involve decreasing exercise-induced cortisol but may also include its antioxidant action, Conversely, some of the anticatabolic effects of antioxidants may be mediated through a decrease in cortisol.

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