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Avoid the following foods if you are on diet and reducing your fat intake...

Eat less of the following because they are high in fat and low in other essential nutrients:

- butter, margarine and other spreading fats
- fried foods
- fatty meats and processed meat products (e.g. sausages, burgers, meat pies)
- pastry dishes
- cakes, biscuits, puddings
- chocolate
- crisps and similar potato, corn or wheat snacks

Make the following substitutions to balance intake of some fat and other essential nutrients:

Instead of ... Have this !
full-fat milk semi-skimmed or skimmed milk
butter or margarine low-fat spread or peanut butter
ordinary cheese low- or reduce-fat cheese
chips jacket or boiled potatoes
fatty meat, sausages and
burgers chicken, fish or other lean meat
biscuits and cakes crackers, rice cakes or fruit baars
chocolate fresh fruit

Make the following changes to reduce fat intake while supplying other essential nutrients:

- limit frying to stir-frying with minimal amounts of oil
- top baked potatoes with yogurt, cottage cheese, low-fat cheese or baked beans
- remove skin from chicken or turkey
- grill, bake, stir-fry or boil instaed of frying
- make low-fat salad dressings with flavored vinegar (e.g. raspberry), yogurt seasoned with fresh herbs, or lemon or lime juice
- choose lean cuts of meat and trim off as much fat as possible

Try these low-fat snack ideas:
- sandwiches, rolls, pita, bagels with low-fat fillings (banana, cottage cheese, cheese, tuna, chicken, salad)
- English muffins, fruit buns, scones
- breadsticks, popcorn, pretzels
- pancakes
- oatcakes and rice cakes with low-fat toppings (banana, fruit spread)
- toast with honey, fruit spread or baked beans
- fresh fruit, such as bananas, apples, pears, grapes
- dried fruit, such as raisins, apricots, dates, apples
- dried fruit bars, some cereal bars
- homemade smoothies made with low-fat milk, fruit and yogurt
- low-fat fruit yogurt

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