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Have you tried other source of protein ?

As a bodybuilder, there are some advantages in replacing meat, poultry and fish from time to time as your principal sources of protein, particularly to replenish glycogen stores. If you choose to use protein alternatives, you need a good nutritional understanding of these foods so you can select and balance your meals.

If you are a vegetarian bodybuilder, or if you are thinking about becoming a vegetarian, your diet will need special attention.

Properly Planned Non-meat Meals for Bodybuilder
- They are high in fiber, unrefined carbohydrates and protein.
- Non-meat meals tend to be low in fat.
- Non-meat meals can be cheaper than meat and fish based meals.

A note of warning: Adding cheese, cream, butter, margarine or oil increases the fat content of meals, even if they are based on alternative protein foods.

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