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How to perform Girth Measurements

Chest - Level with nipples, tape kept horizontal; record maximal inspiration followed by maximal
Waist - At level of umbilicus, abdominal relaxed
Hip - At level of pubic bone
Upper Arm - Maximal contraction; greatest measurement obtained
Thigh - Maximal measurement
Calf - Maximal measurement

All measurements are done before a workout while muscles are still "cold". The tape should be horizontal and taut but should not compress the skin.

101 Bodybuilding

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101 Bodybuilding Weblog

Increase your blood sugar level to provide sustained energy

The sugar in complex carbohydrates is absorbed slowly into your bloodstream, so your blood sugar level and your energy level remain more constant.

This gives you sustained energy while giving your stomach the sensation of being full.

Blood Sugar Basics

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101 Bodybuilding Weblog

Salt can prevent you to lose weight

When you eat a lot of salt, it may cause your body to retain fluid. Your body regulates the concentration of salt quite carefully.

If you consume a lot of salt, then your body holds on to water to dilute the salt concentration to proper levels. Therefore, eating a lot of salt will make it more difficult for you to lose weight.

How to Reduce Bodyweight

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Women Hormone Dilemma

Phytoestrogens found naturally in compounds such as Isoflavone can interact with the estrogen receptors in the women's body.

Medical academic suggest using Isoflavone (Phythoestrogens) to help women retain their physiological well-being and youthfulness.

Women Hormone Dilemma

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Being Overweight ...

Being overweight is primarily due to how much fat you eat. Most of the fat you eat comes from 2 sources: animal products and oils.

Because of this, the only vegetarian products to avoid are oils, avocados, olives, nuts and seeds, because they are high in fat..

Calculate Your Body Mass Index (BMI)

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If you can, do prevent animal fats ...

A diet high in animal fats increases both the production and the biological activity of estrogens. Nonvegetarian women have about 50% higher blood estrogen levels than vegetarians.

High levels of estrogens, in turn, promote the growth of many breast tumors. A diet lower in calories has been shown to retard aging and dramatically prolong the life span of many animals.

Burn Off the Fat

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How metabolism affect your weight

Moderate exercise can improve your resting metabolism - that is, how fast your body burns energy (calories). Your metabolism is the greatest source of your energy expenditure, so anything that affects your metabolism has a profound effect on your weight.
Intense bodybuilding workout may actually decrease your metabolism. This is an adaptive response: When you exercise intensely, you start to burn up calories so quickly that your body tries to conserve energy by slowing down your metabolism. Moderate exercise may also improve your immune system's function, while excessive exercise may depress your immune system.

Read more about Metabolism and Muscle Building

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Insulin - Fat metabolism

Besides regulating your blood sugar level, insulin plays an important role in fat metabolism. Because insulin increases the secretion of lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that increases the uptake of fat from your bloodstream into fat in your body's cells, when your body produces more insulin, you are more likely to convert dietary calories into body fat.

Dietary Fats

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Calculate Body Mass Index (BMI)

Do you know how to calculate your body mass index ? Are you underweight or towards obesity ... learn how to calculate your BMI (body mass index) here

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Blood Supply to Muscles

When we perform bodybuilding workout, our muscles require 100 times of blood supply ! Why ?

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