The Bodybuilding Training Experience

The Bodybuilding Training Experience

Every bodybuilders gets tremendous satisfaction from looking in the mirror, hitting some poses, and watching his developing muscles pop out all over his body. Or using a measuring tape to calculate exactly how many inches he has put on in each muscle group. But for us, the training experience itself was always very rewarding and pleasurable. The hours we spend in the gym were the high point of our day. We liked the way training felt, the pump and adrenalin rush we would get during our workout, and the relaxed sensation of near exhaustion that came afterward. We not only enjoyed being a bodybuilder, we really got off on actually doing bodybuilding.

Training with this kind of enthusiasm is vital. Going into the gym every day and subjecting yourself to workouts that would fell an elephant is too difficult unless you really love it. Bodybuilders who have to force themselves to go to the gym and work out will never achieve the kind of success possible for those who can't wait to hit the gym and start pumping iron. Some athletes need to be encouraged to train more intensely and others have to be cautioned not to do too much. As far as we are concerned, the bodybuilder who has to be held back is going to come out on top every time.

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