Reframe Situations

Reframe Situations

Although pain hurts, how you experience it depends in part on how you think about it. You might believe that pain, as a sensation, can not be affected by attitude. Consider, however, the times you have been so involved in an activity that you didn't notice until later that you were injured. You can not control the firing of your nerves, but you can alter the context in which you think about the pain.

An intense workout includes feeling a burn, rapid pulse and lots of sweating. Reframing involves seeing these not as unpleasant feelings to be avoided, but as signs of progress. If your motivation isn't at its peak levels and your bodybuilding workout seems tough, remind yourself that exhaustion and burning are signs that you are alive, and in the context of bodybuilding, it means muscle growth. Revel in those feelings. The more you burn, the more you gain and grow. (Certain types of pain, however - such as shooting, stabbing pain - indicate that you should stop your bodybuilding workout.)

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