Pushing Beyond Your Limits

Pushing Beyond Your Limits

What could an academic discipline like cognitive psychology possibly have to say about building strength and fitness? Plenty! While most people intuitively apply psychological techniques to improve their bodybuilding workout motivation and performance, cognitive psychology scientifically studies which techniques and ways of thinking actually produce results. Applying these insights will help you zero in on your bodybuilding workout goals like a guided missile. You can boost your motivation, training intensity and mood by using the following 7 psychological principles.

Pop psychology has flooded the motivation market like a wave of ideas, but any sensible advice often gets buried by a mountain of unfounded information. Time invested in digging out the pearls may pay off, but you'd do better to seek out more consistently accurate data. The principles described here are founded on scientific studies, not merely by wishful thinking.

Successful bodybuilders use these principles, even if they are not aware of it. Understanding the principles will help you apply them consistently. If you are prone to self-defeating thinking, you will benefit from these keys to success.

  1. Think Stoically

  2. Build Self-Confidence

  3. Selectively Focus Your Thoughts

  4. Question Your Limits

  5. Reframe Situations

  6. Don't Catastrophize

  7. Learn From Your Frustrations

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